Purple Xtreme – Fatburner


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The most effective fat burning formula to date.



Purple Extreme – Fatburner


  • Supports Performance*
  • Promotes Fat Loss*
  • Reduce muscle Pain & Soreness*
  • Boost brain function and mental clearness*
  • Wellness*


This branded and documented version of ginger extracts is carefully sourced from selected Ginger roots. 100% natural Ginger extract produced by proprietary hydro-alcoholic and CO2 extraction process. Purple Xtreme™ formula contain an amazing matrix of 6-gingerol, 8-gingerol, 6-shagaol and 10 gingerol. Gingerols has been reported to enhance the bioavailability of several nutraceutical compounds such vitamins, minerals and other key ingredients. The gingerols are not only powerful bioenhancers but they also have shown to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-tumorigenic effect and a positive role in the digestive health.

Olive Leaf extract (oleuropein)
Modern science has zeroed in on the plant compounds most effective for breaking down fat. This key ingredient has been found to promote thyroid output, basically it increases the body’s metabolism and burn fat for energy. There are two important fat burning substances, T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine), these are produced by the thyroid gland. Some clinical research has found that olive leaf extract can elevate the production of these hormones by almost 250 percent! There is also evidence that in addition to the thyrogenic capability, olive leaf improves adrenaline production with its attendant lipolytic effects. Another good benefit of the Olive leaf extract is the blood pressure-lowering effect.

Chromium Picolinate
To keep your mood in a positive state will increase your results. Chromium Picolinate has added to for supporting sugar metabolism, that can play a vital role when you are on a diet and/or trying to cut down on your carb intake.

Maximize the absorption with Actamide™

Black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) has a recognized role in amplifying the effect of other substances, as we want the most potent version so we are using the branded Actamide™. This supreme version is not only a superior bioavailability enhancer but also possess antioxidant effect that protects your cells, a vital function to keep up the intense training schedule without getting oxidative stress and fall into the negative trend of feeling and getting sick and the feeling of being worn out.

Cinnamon Bark extract
This bark has not only numerous benefits for fat loss but also good for your heart as a powerful natural antioxidant, and it improves cardiovascular health by promoting lower blood pressure and the balance of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and enhance metabolic rate, increasing fat loss and promoting a healthy body composition.

Shisandra extract
Schisandra Chinensis berry is a well-known ingredient and used to increase energy levels and boost focus, and mood as an adaptogen by lowering stress levels and enhancing mental performance. It’s also reported to have a positive effect on kidney and liver function.
MaxiTherm® the thermogenic effect burn more calories

As we only use documented ingredients of highest quality we use MaxiTherm©, the absolute king of branded Capsicum ingredients. MaxiTherm® is a capsicum extract produced by proprietary encapsulation technology called VitaPearl™ that delivers capsaicinoids safely and effective to the target organ for optimum thermogenic effect. So bottom line, the better absorption and delivery, the more calories you will burn.

The no1 for energy & mental clearness 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine/ Caffeine Anhydrous is a member of Methylxanthines which are a group of alkaloids commonly used for their effects as a stimulant and as bronchodilator.faster and more effective fat burner than our already existing best seller Purple Burn was a task hard to beat. This unique formula will make people amazed; the potency of a product is second to none as it’s the precise ratios between the ingredients when we start with a new project With its unique and perfect blend /ratio of high quality natural extract, capsicum, cinnamon, green tea, ginger root and olive leaf, Purple Burn Pro may help support healthy energy, mood, cognitive performance, vascularity, pumps, muscle hardness, reduced muscle pain and soreness, stamina, sexual health, anti-inflammatory effect and more.*
The vitamins, B6, Niacin and B-12 are added to support uptake and efficiency of the active ingredients but also increase energy levels, boost brain function and mental focus, detoxifying the liver, enhancing the health of blood vessels, improving cognitive function. Caffeine Anhydrous is added to give you razor sharp mental focus and energy that will last for your last rep of your toughest workout!

Overall, Purple Xtreme Pro Strength is our most effective fat burning formula to date, for you who are looking for the most sophisticated burner on the market. Convenient and easy to use with just 1 capsule per serving for a safe and easy way to get into your best shape ever.

The Story of the Purple Xtreme
We have always been dedicated to bring unique products to the market and we have done so for many years, we created the “metabolic accelerator series”, with 3 fantastic and very effective products for people aiming to slim down and get in shape.

Athletes or none athletes, men and women, the formula has been the trusted alternative for fast, safe and effective result.
Thanks to our success and popularity, Dynamix Research has grown a big crowd of dedicated users and with growing numbers of consumers we have been able to invest in our own state of the art lab and production facility. With this advantage we are able to study isolated and combinations of ingredients, measure their effect and elaborate with different formulas.

The challenge was to work with a formula as close as possible to our original but make a significant increase in the strength. This formula had to be OK for our distributors and customers around the world to buy and use without any problems, no shady or non-approved compounds.

We worked with this project effortless for almost 2 years and been studying different branded and patented ingredients, including hundreds of tests and trials. We are now proud to finally present the result of our dedicated work, our new ultra effective fat burner PURPLE XTREME!

Take 1 capsule, Workout days 1-2 times daily, morning and 30 minutes before workout. On rest days, take 1 capsule in the morning, during periods of heavy training (e.g. twice-a-day workouts), athletes may wish to stack Purple Burn Pro with Amino Burn to promote recovery

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